Sunday, March 8, 2009

My day with Abuela and Abuelo (as told by Nadia)...

This morning my mommy and daddy had to attend a meeting at church so that I can be baptised. I couldn't to go with them because Mommy and Daddy told me no babies allowed! They dropped me off at Abuela and Abuelo's house very very very early. It was so early I hadn't even had my first bottle yet and I still had my pj's on! They just took my right out of my crib- plopped me in my carseat and drove me right over there! I don't think I've ever been out of my house that early in my entire life! Here are some pictures of how my day went:

Here's my Abuela and I right when I got dropped off. You see how hungry I looked? Someone warm up a bottle already!

Here I am with Abuelo. I love sitting on that guys lap. He has the most yummy tummy to cuddle up with!

We even did tummy time in that house! (Geeze- these people never give me a day off!)

Abuelo read me a story just like he used to read to my mommy when she was a baby!

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  1. I am IMPRESSED!!! Zachary would not tolerate leaving the house without a bottle first. He would already be screaming his head off and his little face would be red. He gets SO upset if he is not fed on schedule. Props to Nadia! Glad she had fun with her Abuelos!


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