Saturday, March 7, 2009

I love being Nadia's mommy!

Tonight as I was putting Nadia to sleep, I felt this immense rush of love for her. I mean- the kind of feeling that's almost painful. I am absolutely, head of heels, in love with this baby. I know most of you are thinking, well, of course you love her, SHE'S YOUR BABY (I mean, that's what I would of thought if a mommy told me she was crazy in love with her kid)... But unless you are a mom, you really don't understand what I mean... (at least I didn't).

The day Nadia was born, I loved her. Here she was, the little person who had been growing inside my body, kicking me from the inside, jabbing at my ribs with her elbows. That day, (and for the first few days- no weeks actually), I loved her because she WAS my baby and I was supposed to love her.

Today though- the love is different. Today, I love Nadia because she is Nadia. The more I have her and the more I get to know her, I fall more and more in love. I love the look she gives me when I walk up to her crib in the morning (it's kind of a look out of the corner of her eyes). I love the way she smiles and all you see are her gums! I love the way she yells at me when she wants my attention. I love the way she kicks her legs when she's riding in her stroller. I love the way she reaches out her hands and tries to hold her bottle when I'm feeding her and recently, (and this is by far the best) when I'm carrying her in my arms, she looks up at me, reaches out her hands and TOUCHES MY FACE. It's like she knows I love her and she's actually trying to tell me she loves me back!

The first few weeks I had Nadia, everyone would tell me- "Enjoy her- they grow so fast." "Being a mother is the best feeling in the world" "It's great isn't it?" And part of me would wonder what the heck they were talking about! I wasn't having fun! I wanted her to grow up and start sleeping at night. I wanted her to be sturdy. I wanted the time to go by faster. A few times I even wondered, what did I get myself in to?!?! I can honestly say- I now know what they were talking about now. Being a mother IS the best feeling in the world.

The love I feel for Nadia makes me look at my mom differently. I was her first baby and it's incredible to me that she loved me (and still does love me) as much as I love Nadia. Like seriously- I knew she loved me, but WOW- my mom really really really loves me!

I'm sorry I've gotten all mushy, but I really love being Nadia's mommy. I feel blessed to have been given this beautiful baby girl and I thank God for her every night I lay her in her crib to sleep.


  1. Thannnkkksssss!!! That totally made me cry! Lol
    I'm sure being a mom is an amazing experience. I can only hope to one day be able to share in that.

  2. I totally feel the exact same way about my little Z. In fact I was thinking about this pretty recently, myself. He is such a little person, a little individual now, and I have fallen in love with who he is. :) It is such an amazing feeling!!!


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