Friday, March 13, 2009

4 months ago

... my life got turned upside down (in a good way though!) Nadia is 4 months old today and I can hardly believe it. I look back at the pictures of when we brought her home from the hospital and we've BOTH grown so much (I'm teaching her and she's teaching me a whole lot too)!

My intention was to take Nadia's picture sitting in the same place every month for 12 months. Today though, something was different. At four months old, Nadia fills up the chair on her own and I couldn't really fit the stuffed bird next to her (I mean, I could- but he was squished up and didn't look so cute). I tried putting him on the floor in front of the chair, but then she looked at him and not me. So I put him out of sight and finally after our little "photo session" I let her have him... This was the result...

Like everything she can get her hands on nowadays, Nadia opened her mouth and tried to EAT him!


  1. I still cannot get over how big she is already. When our little girls finally meet, mine will look like a munchkin!


    PS - I love all the bows!

  2. I love her, i can't wait to meet her!! She reminds me so much of what Zoe looked like just a few months ago. They grow SO fast!!!


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