Thursday, March 5, 2009

Before there was Nadia...

...there was Esme and Mischa, my yorkshire terriers. Esme is 4 years old. She's my big girl and first baby. For my 25th birthday, Laz surprised me with Mischa who I always joke we got as a pet for Esme! My girls (that's what I call them) have brought lots of joy to my life. Laz works a lot and Esme and Mischa have always been my loyal companions. As I tidy up my house, I have the pitter patter of little doggie feet following me around. While I shower, I have two doggies laying in the bathroom waiting patiently for me to finish. When I sit on the couch to watch tv, their furry bodies provide me with warmth.

I was absolutely over the top in love with my girls, and still am, although (sadly for them) the love is not the same as it was before there was Nadia. I am sad to admit, (but will) that their regular feeding schedule is no longer (I think one night we actually forgot), sometimes their bowl runs out of water, I forget to let them outside to do their thing and my top premium dog food puppies now eat house food when I run out of dog food (this NEVER happened before).

I really still do love my girls and we have experienced some very sweet moments together since the baby arrived. Sometimes when I have Nadia on my lap, Esme and Mischa come cuddle up alongside us. Oh! And there was that time when Esme brought Nadia a toy and dropped it next to her waiting for her to play. Then there are other moments when I have Nadia on my lap and Esme and Mischa decide it's time to play tug-o-war right next to us...

The dogs showed an interest in Nadia from day 1, ESPECIALLY ESME. Over the past few days, Nadia actually started showing an interest in them too! She follows them around the house with her eyes and actually just started reaching out to touch them this week. Mischa runs away when Nadia's fingers start coming in her direction, Esme on the other hand, LOVES the attention.

Today while I was trying to feed Nadia her bottle, she stopped sucking and gave me a huge smile. I thought that sweet smile was all for me until I realized one of her socks had come off and Esme was licking her toes!

Here we are just a few days after arriving home from the hospital...

And here we are now... (I could not get the three of them in one picture together! I really tried!)

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  1. This one made me very sad... for my puppy Spike who now is MY BABY!


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