Sunday, March 1, 2009

Daddy Day: The BEST day of the week!

In my family (the one I was born to) we called Sundays, "Family Day." My dad was (and still is) all about family togetherness and I know I want to give the same to Nadia. So I've continued the tradition in our house, only instead of calling Sunday's "Family Day", I like to call them "Daddy Day!" It's the one day of the week Nadia and I get to spend every single minute with Laz from the moment we wake up to the moment it's time to go to sleep. This Sunday in particular was an extra special one because we scheduled a make-up session of Gymboree for today just so daddy could join us and see what all the fuss is about! (You have to understand, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Gymboree and I actually think Nadia does too!)

Daddy was able to sit near us and get some pictures of Nadia in all the action. (I guess now is the time to tell you that every great picture you see on this blog will be taken by me. Laz is not the best photographer and for that reason, you'll probably see very little (if any) good pictures of me posted. Oh well... )

After Gymboree we headed to The Falls and strolled around the shops. We were feeling very brave so we decided to try Nadia at a movie... Boy, oh boy were we impressed. Nadia was awake for most of the show. She sat on my lap, leaned back and actually seemed to enjoy the movie! For some parts she decided she wanted to "talk" to the screen and we had to remind her that talking during a movie isn't polite (It was Confessions of a Shopaholic, by the way). The whole experience reminded us (once again) that we have one cool kid!

The day ended with a nice and relaxing Margarita filled dinner at On the Border (margaritas for ME, not the baby silly!) Nadia was a bit cranky as it was a little past her bedtime, so I pretty much had to hold her paci in her mouth throughout dinner (I'll do whatever it takes to keep my munchkin happy!) Although we were an hour past bedtime, she did a great job at holding it together until the check came. Once again, I was super impressed by Nadia... two times in one day!

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  1. Ah, very cute.. glad you enjoyed your family day. And Nadia was talking during the movie b/c she loved it so much, and had to comment on all the waredrobes!


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