Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Bouncing Baby Girl!

While I was pregnant so many people told me I needed to get this and I needed to have that... One of my I gotta haves was a jumperoo, so we registered for the Rainforest one by Fisher Price (as a side note- I wish I had registered for entire Rainforest set. Nadia loves the Rainforest things we do have more than anything else). Anyhow, that thing looked like so much fun, I wanted to take it out of the box as soon as I got it home from my baby shower! The box said the recommended age is 4 months and once Nadia arrived to the world I realized she wasn't going to be jumping in anything for a while. I patiently waited and waited and waited until Nadia was old enough to use this great toy.

A week ago, while visiting Nadia's friend Abby, we noticed Abby's jumperoo and decided to give it a try. Well, that Nadia showed me! Forget waiting 2 weeks until she turned 4 months old, my kid was ready TODAY! I quickly dialed up Lazaro and told him to pick up that jumperoo from my mom's house (that's where we store stuff we aren't using) and bring it straight home. The next morning I put that puppy together and in she went... I'll let you decide for yourself what she thinks about it!

We had to put a pillow under her feet since she's a bit too short right now (umm yea- look at those thighs)!

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