Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let me catch you up... (Teething, but no teeth!)

It's been quite eventful in Nadia's world. Allow me to give you a brief update... Exactly 7 days ago, Miss. Nadia awoke as her regular happy self. We had a bottle, played, took her morning nap and then got ready for day #2 of compota... Little Nadia ate her peas like a good girl... and then for some unknown reason- the day took a turn in a different direction... Nadia turned into a child I have never met before. She started whining, complaining, crying, fussing and could NOT be consoled. She was sticking her hands so far in her mouth and biting down on them some hard I was worried she really was going to eat them! Her peas came right back out of her mouth (I'm guessing she caused her self to throw up with her hands). Her nose started to run and later that night she got a fever... (Seriously- this parenting thing is ROUGH)! My mom said- she's getting teeth! My dad said- she's getting teeth! My in laws said- she's getting teeth! I looked at Laz and said- I just hope this just isn't the new Nadia!

So Sunday came and it was pretty much a repeat event of Saturday. (Lucky me, huh?)

Monday came and I checked her mouth- no teeth.
Tuesday came and I checked her mouth- no teeth.
Wednesday came and I checked her mouth- no teeth.
Thursday came and I checked her mouth- no teeth.
Friday came and I checked her mouth- no teeth.
Today came and I checked her mouth- That's right! You guessed it! NO TEETH!

So what has all the fuss been about? I'm a new mom here and I'm CLUELESS! So I decided to ask some experienced people and I learned some very sad news... The pain can come MONTHS before the teeth do! This, is NOT so good and something I would have added to the things no one tells you list (No one tells you teething is a nightmare!)

So, from here until who knows when, checking for teeth will probably be my new obsession. I'll let you know when I find something in there.


  1. I'm so sorry poor Nadia feels so lousy!!! I hope her teeth come soon so the pain ends!


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