Saturday, August 8, 2009

5 days until my baby is 9 months old!

In 5 days, Nadia will be out of my tummy as long as she was inside my tummy! Today is our last day in Georgia (we'll be driving home tomorrow) and I'm amazed at all of the cool things she can do at almost 9 months old..
  • Yesterday, Nadia started shaking her head NO (amazing the things a baby learn so early!)
  • She knows what a camera is and will smile in the direction of the camera the second she spots it
  • She will "put her hands up" when you say "put your hands up!"
  • She crawls with her tummy on & off the floor and can put herself in the sitting position (sometimes) and take herself out (all the time).
  • She tries to copy the motions to an Itsy Bitsy Spider when you sing it to her and do the motions too! She puts her little hands together and tries to do the motions for the spider going up the web and then she'll do the rain and sun!
  • When you bounce her up and down and then stop- she'll start bouncing her own body so you'll keep it up!
  • She knows about dogs and loves to squeal at them, follow them around with her eyes, and pull on their ears, tails, hair, etc
  • Nadia blows KISSES!
  • She says: ma-ma & pa-pa and also sounds like she's trying to repeat and imitate other words (to the best of her ability) after she hears someone else say them. Like, when you say "Hey Nadia!" She says "HEY!" or at least it sounds like it!
  • She wants to try new foods and opens her mouth when she sees "adult people" eating so she can get a taste
  • She loves loves loves to look at herself in the mirror (sound like anyone you know?)
  • She loves loves loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

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