Monday, July 6, 2009

Could it get any better?

Being a mommy gets better and better every single day! Seriously- I am at a point where every day is just that much more fabulous then the day before. My child is so delicious and yummy and she's doing so much cool stuff! She's been a super roller for months now and travels the house with her rolling, scooting and spinning. Just a few weeks ago she started tucking her legs under her body and rocking! Hello! How exciting is that?!?! I'm going to have an official crawler soon!She seems to want to talk really bad and looks like she studies peoples lips as they talk to her. She's babbling up a storm, shrieking, and making some totally hilarious facial expressions while she's doing it. She still loves the dogs and her face totally lights up when she sees other children. She is now an EXPERT sitter and actually got herself into the sitting position the other day (although I MISSED it!) She has been to the movie theatre a total of FIVE times now and loved every movie with the exception of the one her daddy picked. That made two of us! She loves shopping and going out to dinner. I thank God every day for the baby he sent us. She is truly a gift.

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  1. So glad you finally updated us. What is happening with those monthly photos? Are you still taking them and just too busy to share? Call me sometime so we can swap baby girl stories!


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